When function meets power and comfort.

About SHOX Padel

SHOX Padel is a Swedish manufacturer of sporting goods with a focus on padel. Our most important task is to make sure that you find products that you like and that match your style of play.

SHOX Padel has an exclusive range of completely custom-designed products that follow all trends within a decent price ranges.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us.
In order for all our customers to feel safe, all our products are tested and approved by our very own SAP Team. When you shop with us you know that the order is handled with love, we review all products before they are sent to you.

SHOX ❤ Padel

Padel is something we think is extremely fun and we strive to make the experience of Padel even better with the help of specially designed products. 

Prevent and improve

Preventing injuries and improving players is something we are a little extra passionate about.
We create products that improve everyday life aswell as training sessions, both for the elite athlete and the casual player.


All our products go through a quality control.

Quality control is a process used in the manufacturing industry to ensure that products meet the buyer's requirements and expectations.

We at SHOX Padel have divided the work structure into two parts: manufacturing and quality control. The different steps are done either completely separately in different departments or integrated into the process together with engineers and the users.

To determine the quality and customer value, we use a group of people who test the product where the assessment takes place according to a binary scale (pass / fail) or a multi-point scale (for example 1-5).

We call this process SAP - SHOX APPROVED PRODUCTS.

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