Prevent injuries when playing Padel


Fokus på komfort och känsla


Padel grip

249 kr


Padel grip

249 kr


Padel grip

249 kr


Padel grip

169 kr

Samuel Haggstrom
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"It fills its function to 100% and I really like that you can turn it around for a different feeling. I can not imagine holding a padel rack without a lamina wrap in the future"
Denise Walander
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"The grip provides a much softer experience, with dampening and clear contact between the hand and the racket! Easy to assemble !!"
Robin Persson
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"The solid work behind the products becomes very noticeable during the game, as the blows feel much more comfortable and gentle with a Lamina or Vibra mounted on the rack."
Matilda Rosvall
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"I have used Vibra. Easy to assemble, nice grip and has reduced my wrist pain!"
Kristoffer Carlsson
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"How nice the shox is, brutal! I'm so damn happy"
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"Get your grip on! Less vibrations with SHOX. Light weight and easy mount. Let´s wrap this beuty up with a fresh overgrip"
David Gunnarsson
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"I play with Lamina Soft and it´s great!"

Vibration damping

The padel grip dampens vibrations and counteracts injuries to the elbow, shoulder and wrist. 


The Padel grip gives a nice feeling without being in the way, and it does not determine how you hold your racket. 


The laminas gives a trampoline effect in your hit.


Lamina Reverse

Same functions, without structure
Turn the grip inside out, assemble as usual

Easy to assemble

Lamina is easy to assmeble

We are available online and at padel courts around Sweden

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